Oslí stezka - The Donkey Trail

donkey farm - trekking with donkeys - experience with donkeys - trail park - asinoteraphy - emotional intelligence and social competencies courses ( with donkeys)

About us

Oslí stezka (Donkey Trail) is a small family-owned adventure-filled farm with donkeys

We specialize in interactive programs with the help of our donkeys.

You will learn a lot of interesting things about donkeys here and we're sure you will enjoy the direct contact with our donkeys.

There are many activities to do here like:

  • go for a walk with a donkey
  • pet and cuddle with them
  • go trekking with donkeys (even with a picnic) to the nearby nature park - Kačák River Basin
  • children up to 50 kg can also take a ride on the donkey

We have built everything from scratch, without subsidies, grants and support programs.  Donkeys are our friends, family members and sometimes even teachers.  At our farm, everything revolves around happy donkeys. 

We can't offer the luxury of a 4-star hotel.  But we offer true rural well-being, unique experiences with our happy donkeys, fresh air and beautiful nature.  In very close proximity to Prague.

How it works here at the farm: 

  • we do not have fixed opening hours, all programs and visits to the farm need to be booked in advance
  • the high season is April to November
  • the low season is from December to March
  • in the high season there are standard programs (trips) - the dates are announced in advance, several families always participate at once, several donkeys travel in the caravan (each family has its own) or you can choose an individual program - the date is reserved only for your group / family
  • outside the high season from November to March there are individual programs - the date is only for your group
  • you can find a list of standard dates in the high season in the Reservations tab
  • for most of our programs we require payment in advance (voucher valid for one year available to buy through our e-shop)
  • a reservation without advance payment is only possible in last-minute mode - 1-2 days before the date

Who is the Donkey Trail for? 

  • for everyone who loves donkeys and wants to learn more about them
  • ford families, companies and schools
  • for animal and nature lovers
  • for those looking to relax and connect with themselves
  • for lovers of new experiences and adventures
  • for all who are interested in personal development

Our philosophy

Donkeys are amazing animals. They can teach us a lot and enrich our lives with unforgettable moments. 
They teach us to be ourselves.
To be, to feel and to perceive.
Keep our heads straight and know our value.
To be a strong, dignified and balanced personality.
They are our companions and friends. 
In their presence, we are more aware of the rarity and importance of each and every moment. 
They teach us to slow down and think. 
They calm our souls. 

My story

Mgr. Ing. Maria Žižlavská - project founder, trainer, lecturer

 I fell in love with the donkeys while visiting a donkey farm in Austria many years ago.  After my own previous  work experinece, burning out and strong need to change my lifestyle completely ( be more connected with the nature, to have more time for my family and strog need to do something that makes sence) the idea of Oslí farma and the company for development of emoctional intelligence FEEL GOOD IN was born. I left well-paid job  in corporate and begun to organize "overlaped" programs with donkeys.  And started to live my dream.

And maybe, I can inspire others, who desire change. 

  • 1999 - 2005 - international relationships and busines economy at University of Economics in Prague

  • 2011 - 2016 - HR and personality development at Universty of Klagenfurt ( Austria)

  • 2008 - 2015 - various positions in finanace and controlling departments in international companies

  • since 2016 - my own project Oslí stezka ( The Donkey Trail) and FEEL GOOD IN s.r.o

  • 2018 - Governor of the Central Bohaminan Region award as the Entrepreneur of the Year , and honorable mention at  For Horse fair

  • 2020 - Oslí stezka was awarded as top 10 trips in Central Bohemia

Our team

Maria Žižlavská, founder, manager of Oslí stezka, trainer and guide

Filip Kyral, guide, trainer and physiotherapist

Ivan Zetek, site owner, project facilitator, donkey lover

Marie Žižlavská, trainer, guide

Adéla Žižlavská, trainer, guide